Top 50 Time-Saving Text Abbreviations

Text Abbreviations

The 50 Most Useful Text Abbreviations

Text Abbreviations Do you know the difference between your LMK and IDK or perhaps your IDC? These days, texting abbreviations are so common that they resemble a separate language. They possibly exist in sufficient numbers to fill a whole dictionary!

You’ll probably be familiar with certain texting jargon, but if you’ve encountered any acronyms that have confused you, you’re not alone.

The top 100 most frequently used teenage texting abbreviations are presented in this article along with their definitions. Talking to friends and relatives will take less time if you use them. Additionally, there is a collection of texting abbreviations just for business texts. But first, here is a primer on the fundamentals.

What abbreviations are used in texts?

Simply put,dirty abbreviations for texting are condensed versions of words or phrases. They are often used in text messages if there isn’t much room for a message.

(A text message can only include 160 characters; if you use more, you’ll have to send numerous messages could also have to pay each text message, depending on your mobile messaging package. You will be charged twice if you exceed the character limit even by a few words.)

You may recall the early days of texting, before predictive text became a thing, depending on how old you are. Finding a certain letter on a mobile phone keypad was a little tiresome; sometimes, you had to press a button many times before you reached the right letter to spell out a word. So, those who use mobile phones started using text abbreviations.

A text message may now be written considerably more quickly using a smartphone keypad. But more people than ever before utilize texting acronyms. not simply by younger generations who often utilize text slang. Seven out of ten people and two thirds of adults use acronyms in text messages and emails, respectively.

Anyone who needs to be brief while speaking through text messages might benefit from a to z abbreviation list. When appropriate, businesses should also sometimes use them to keep current.

Since you don’t have to write out every word in full, using text abbreviations may let you send longer texts with more information. Knowing the meanings of some of the most common SMS acronyms is necessary at the very least so that you can answer appropriately.
Text Abbreviations

The most popular texting acronyms

Even if you’re not quite sure what they signify, you’ve undoubtedly seen many of these text acronyms before. while you get the hang of them, they may really help you save time while text messaging with friends and family.

1. LOL, or loud laughter

2. OMG, short for “Oh my God” or “Oh my Gosh

3. I believe, or IMO

4. In my humble view – also known as my sincere opinion

5. Just to mention it

6. I don’t know – IDK

7. Let me know (LMK)

8. To be really honest

9. Thank glad it’s Friday (TGIF).

10. Rolling on the floor in laughter

11. BRB, or “be right back,”

12. BBL, or “be back later,” 12.

13. TTYL, or “talk to you later,”

14. Thank you

15. TY for thanks

16. You’re welcome, or YW

17. As soon as is practical

18. POV, or point of view

19. NBD, or “no big deal,” 19.

20. On my way, or OMW

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21. Twenty-one. DIY – do it yourself

22. Also referred to as

23. Short messaging service (SMS) number 23

24. OATUS, on a completely separate topic, number 24

25. In case you missed it, ICYMI

26. STFU, or “shut the f**k up,”

27. BF – boyfriend

28. girlfriend (GF)

29. SO – special someone

30. ILY stands for I Love You.

31. You only live once (YOLO)

32. B4 – before

33. IRL stands for in real life.

34. TMI (too much information), number 34

35. ATM – currently

36. BFF stands for best friends forever.

37. Bring your own beer, or BYOB.

38. CU – see you

39. You Are (UR)

40. For your information, FYI

41. Fear of missing out (FOMO)

42. GR8 – excellent

43. SMH—I’m shaking my head

44. L8R – later

45. JMO, or just my opinion

46. NVM – never mind

47. Good luck, folks

48. For what it’s worth, FWIW

49. God bless you, or GBU

50. In my not so humble view

The most popular text acronyms used in business texts

When speaking with coworkers and clients in a professional situation, you’re more likely to utilize the text abbreviations listed below. (Some are also included on the list above, including DM, THX, TY, ASAP, and POV).

Using acronyms in a text message for business

For the sake of relevancy and brevity, it is absolutely appropriate to utilize certain romantic text abbreviations in business and marketing messaging. By doing this, you may present your brand as current and forward-thinking. However, keep in mind that using too many texting acronyms might make your message content difficult to understand and seem professionally.

To establish a balance is the challenge. Use well-known text acronyms sparingly (just a few per text message), and you’ll establish a connection with your clients that they’ll recognize and value.

The following scenarios lend themselves well to text abbreviations:

  • If your brand’s marketing and branding are quirky, entertaining, and contemporary.
  • If you are certain that your intended audience will comprehend the substance of your condensed text message. (An older audience may grasp the popular abbreviations, such as LOL, ASAP, FAQ, and T&C.) People under the age of 34 are more likely to be acquainted with the majority of frequent text abbreviations.
  • When you’re disseminating ‘good news’ promotional SMS messages, including limited-time deals, flash sales, and price cuts on goods and services. (Note: Avoid using abbreviations in professional text messages. It’s crucial to express gratitude in the traditional, straightforward manner.)
  • when you need to save character space yet still have a lot to say in a text message.
  • when you’re pressed for time and talking to coworkers.

A lesson on the lingo of texting

Hopefully, this list of the top 100 texting acronyms will enable you to master text lingo and text faster. If nothing more, you’ll at least have a general notion of what others are saying when you get acronym-heavy text messages!

Texting shouldn’t be difficult, particularly in professional situations when you need to communicate quickly and effectively. Browse the Messente blog for a wealth of useful articles that will help you make the most of your SMS campaigns if you use SMS messages for business.

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