Best Advice Ideas for YouTube Channels to Make Millions in 2024

YouTube’s New Features: Experimental and Premium

YouTube Shorts has reportedly risen to 2 billion logged-in consumers tuning in each month. It is now getting a slew of new features that will make it an even stronger direct competitor of the dominant Chinese short-form video platform.

The most notable of the six new tools for Shorts makers unveiled today, “collabs,” which let creators of the Google-owned TikTok rival create side-by-side video compilations, is what makes Shorts more like TikTok. Additionally, there are two tests: one in mobile-first vertical live video, which combines this material into the standard Shorts feed, and the other aimed at facilitating the transformation of long-form. Stickers are also available that strengthen audience interaction through formats like Q&As.

A spokeswoman for YouTube declined to speak with Fortune about how the features fit into the company’s road map. With today’s product upgrades, YouTube continues to make strides in its battle to dominate the fiercely competitive short-form video market. After TikTok started to effectively reward producers for films longer than 60 seconds, YouTube said on August 1 that it would follow suit.

Why is YouTube regarded as one of the best places to make money?

There are several reasons why YouTube is regarded as a wonderful platform for producing money. The biggest YouTube stars make roughly $20 million a year. Let’s examine several methods for using YouTube as a business channel to make money.

The fact that YouTube has a history of significantly paying artists with ad revenue sharing through its AdSense program has contributed to the success of Shorts over the past four years. This has encouraged producers, who frequently earn dependable incomes from YouTube, to include shorts in their catalog and viewers accustomed to watching high-caliber YouTube material to check out the offering.

Partner Programme for YouTube

Content producers have the chance to generate a sizable income from their YouTube channel thanks to YouTube’s partner program. Every content producer who is a member of the partner program is given the option to get a modest payment from YouTube for every ad view that occurs throughout their whole video.

You must have a minimum of 101,000 subscribers and 404,000 hours of viewing time on your channel to be eligible for the partner program. You will be able to sign up for YouTube’s partner program after you meet this standard. You’ll have access to the ability to display advertising on your channels, and you may do it anywhere you choose to obtain the most views possible.

The more views there are, the more money is made.

However, the compensation varies from nation to nation. Compared to creators who reside in tier 3 nations, those in tier 1 countries get paid more.

Utilize the YouTube Community to Increase Sales

Your subscriber base, who will later become your clients, will grow if you begin producing high-quality material for your audience. By directing them to your sales page or landing page, you may request that they perform a certain action. You might invite your audience to check out your new launch whenever you introduce a new item or service. The audience will feel FOMO as a result, and it will aid in directing your YouTube viewers to your new product or service page.

New Organisations / YouTube

You’ll start to attract new alliances and commercial collaborations as soon as you establish your presence in the YouTube market. Other brands will favor you over your rivals since they like working with industry leaders.

Let’s tackle the big fish in the sea and comprehend the top 9 YouTube channel ideas for you in 2023 now that we know how to use YouTube to create new revenue streams for your company.


Top 5 YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners Youtuber

1. Vlogging

One of the simplest ways to begin your YouTube career is with vlogging. You only need a recording device, so grab some of your day’s most exciting moments and start interacting with the camera.

You may open yourself to the audience and just show them your world by sharing your ideas, beliefs, recent travels, experiences, and more.

However, vlogging is something you include once or twice in your content plan if you manage a business channel to show off your workplace or a typical workday.

This is because vlogging restricts privacy and works better for individual companies on YouTube than corporate branding.

2. Opening & Unboxing

A product business owner may find an unboxing channel to be a terrific idea.

One of the most popular YouTube trends for high-end consumer electronics is unboxing new products. Every time a new product is released, all the top unboxing channels get a freebie from reputable businesses to evaluate and promote the item.

What their preferred reviewer has to say about a certain product influences the purchase decisions of the YouTube audience frequently.

An unboxing video may be a part of your content schedule if you want to build a brand and sometimes release new items. It’s not only about technological devices anymore; unpacking videos is popular on YouTube. People want reviews on everything they buy these days, from food to clothing.

3. Interactive media

Video gaming must be included in your content if your company deals with gaming and gaming-related goods. One of the biggest industries in the world and on YouTube is the gaming sector.

Numerous gamers broadcast live and produce fascinating stuff for their viewers. You may make a famous gaming broadcast featuring your product and invite a well-known player to your channel.

Or just produce video games like those on the Red Bull Gaming channel. You are aware that Red Bull’s main line of business has nothing to do with the gaming sector. Nevertheless, they support renowned gamer Ninja, and here is the video on which they both worked.

4. Tutorials

Having a tutorial channel is the best option if you want to educate the public about various facets of your company. Your audience will greatly benefit from it, and it will also aid in raising engagement levels.

By assisting your audience over numerous obstacles, you may turn them into ardent supporters who will prefer doing business with you over your competitors. Look at the illustration below. TheFigCo assists companies in expanding their internet presence. They work in the field of digital marketing. They can be found here with information on how to create a YouTube banner, which is helpful for those who are having trouble with this area of digital marketing.

5. Cooking

If you work in the food sector, you ought to launch a culinary channel and sometimes add products or services. You’ll be able to draw in new consumers and a cooking-interested audience. You can also include a call to action (CTA) after your films encouraging viewers to view every ingredient or equipment you used to prepare a certain meal.

Once your YouTube business channel is launched, if you don’t want to cook for yourself, employ a chef or invite a well-known chef like Gordon Ramsay to your channel. You might get content ideas from some of the well-liked cookery channels. Here’s an illustration of how well-known chef Gordon Ramsay makes his YouTube culinary videos.

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