YouTube Features will launch new podcasting This 2023

Youtube Updates and Podcasts

Many media outlets are attempting to take advantage of the growing popularity of podcasting as it spreads throughout the globe as audio content. As of February 2023, there were 464.7 million podcast listeners worldwide, according to Demand Sage. By the end of 2024, it is anticipated that there will be 504.9 million podcast listeners globally.

Because of this, businesses like Spotify, Soundcloud, and Anghami are all optimizing their platforms so that they can host podcasts and improve the user experience for podcast listeners. With the recent addition of additional services to assist podcast makers in maximizing their exposure on the site, the world’s largest video-sharing network, YouTube, has upped its investment in the podcasting industry.

Fresh Updates

First off, producers may now make podcasts directly in YouTube Studio, a tool made available by YouTube that allows them to manage their online presence, channel growth, audience interaction, and financial benefit. It will be easier to post and maintain podcasts now that users may designate an existing playlist as a podcast.

As a result, the app will be able to give podcasts more of a focus, with upload procedures and features designed specifically to assist you in isolating your podcast uploads from your video recordings. This formally adds YouTube to the roster of websites vying for control of the expanding podcasting market.

Podcast Analytics is a further recent addition. Podcasters will benefit from these insights and aggregated stats across all videos in a playlist.

As more and more YouTubers start their podcasts and use the following they have amassed from their video content to promote their audio programs, we can anticipate YouTube to continue rolling out enhancements for podcasters. The ongoing investment in the development of podcast infrastructure is not surprising given that YouTube wants to retain all of these users on its platform. In the future, YouTube may even provide its podcasting platform.

Additionally, it’s important to note that YouTube will soon enable video downloads, which will benefit podcasters and other artists in general. You heard correctly! As of right now, YouTube’s premium users may test out soon-to-be-released features! Do you want to know how YouTube has changed?


New Features Coming Soon to YouTube

On iOS, picture-in-picture

If you have an iOS device, you may now utilize other applications and view YouTube videos in a small player! Isn’t that wonderful? Now you can talk on your iPhone while watching YouTube videos side by side! It won’t be possible to use this function until October 31.

On iOS, how do you utilize Picture-in-Picture?

You may easily exit an iOS app while watching a YouTube video in a mini-player by swiping up or selecting “home.” When utilizing this function for the first time, you must have patience. It’s possible that it won’t function properly during the first hour. You must remove the YouTube app from your iOS device and install it again if this function stops working after an hour.

YouTube videos may be downloaded using the browser version.

We’ve always wanted to save YouTube videos on our computer and view them later. One of the most eagerly anticipated features of this video-sharing website is the ability to download YouTube videos!

How to download YouTube videos is as follows:

1. When you are watching a YouTube video, click the “Download” button.
2. You may also select the 3-dot menu while browsing.
NOTE: Only PCs running the most recent versions of Chrome, Edge, or Opera may use this.


You should give YouTube Premium a go if you want to be among the first to use the platform’s planned updates.

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